Neck Joint Service

What is neck joint service or ghost mannequin removal service?

When photographers take a photo-shoot of garment items without any model, they use a mannequin instead of the model. That mannequin uses to make the product look like wearing on a body. When mannequin photography has completed and the product ready for website, magazine or catalog, then the visible parts of the mannequin has to remove from the photograph. (Visible parts like hands, neck of a mannequin etc.) However, the problem is when the visible part has to delete, the background of that part becomes empty. Then Photographers take photo-shoot of only that part. After completing the ghost mannequin photography, an image editor makes both parts together with image editing software. This process called invisible mannequin technique that known as Neck joint service or Ghost mannequin service.

How we ensure you give the best neck joint service?

If you are a garment items photographer or garment items producer, distributor or wholesaler then you can be profited by our service. We have a dedicated team of joint neck services specialist. They always ready to complete any task that you want to add neck top your pictures. After completing the neck joint process, our quality checker review on it third times. To ensure that the neck has joined perfectly and color correction and others needs have edited accurately.

Having long years of experience providing neck joint service all over the world, offshore ICPS can handle ghost mannequin removal task at any quantity within very short time. After adding the neck with other requirements, our professional expertise will make the color correction service. Then you will never understand that the final image created by two or more images. We are promised to give our clients an excellent service. Working with us, you will gain vast experience meeting with the superior quality job.

Try our ghost mannequin service and get the vast experience ever!

We offer our services 24/7/365. We work with our clients very close to understand what actually they need. ICPS connected with our clients 24/7 in the phone call and back to back mail support. To judge our service quality, we request you to place two free trials. You will get the complete trial work within 2-4 hours from your submission. Try our service to judge the difference of the quality and lowest price.