Clipping Path

What is Clipping Path?

Clipping Path is the process of removing the background of an image. It is a closed vector path, or shape, that usually drawn by the Photoshop Pen tool around a desirable area of an image. After applying the process, everything inside the selected area will be included; anything outside the area will omit.

Doing Photoshop clipping path is very easy, but sometimes making a perfect result by doing only clipping is very hard. By applying clipping path, the edge of the selected area becomes hard or soft. It depends on the image editor. The capabilities of an editor measure that how much perfect and quality full results will come out. ICPS is an online-based best clipping path service provider company. Every single photo editor here is a clipping path specialist. They are providing best photo editing service than all other competitors.

When need clipping path service?

This service is one of the most popular photo editing service around the world. In the past few years, uses of clipping paths in the photo industry have increased dramatically. Result doing clipping is the ever better in terms of quality than other methods. When you need  Photoshop clipping path service provider company to handle your images, ICPS is always at your door.

Reason To Do Clipping



If you need to remove or change the image background. 

If you need to do separate some different areas of the photograph.

Multi Clipping Path

When you need to create outlines for more than one object or need to separate the object into various parts, than its called multi-clipping path. It is very beneficial for Ecommerce Image Solution. Doing multi-path you can change the color of any product. By the help of multi-path, color retouching service becomes very easy. No matter how many different parts have in the product. By benefit of the multi-path, you do not need to do photography of the product for every single color.


Different Parts Of Object

After Applying Multi Path

How we guarantee world best clipping path Service

Many countries providing background removal services in Asia. From Asia, Bangladesh becomes most popular image clipping path service provider all over the world. Many companies providing best photoshop image editing services from Bangladesh. ICPS is one of the offshore graphic studio from Bangladesh that provides all kinds of photo editing services. ICPS provides Image masking, photo retouching, neck joint, Drop shadow service etc.

At ICPS, all DTP professionals trained in the latest image editing software. For instance, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Photoshop light room etc. Especially in clipping in Photoshop by pen tool. All of our experts are professional graphic designers. They have several years of work experience in the image-editing arena. They use photoshop Pen Tool to provide high quality background removal service for our honorable clients.

ICPS provides 100% hand drawn photoshop clipping path service. We offer this service at $0.29 USD for per image with a best quality guarantee. Do not give an order only reading this article. We are requesting you to place two free trials to judge our service. You can read our service reviews that have been submitted by our honorable satisfied customers. We provide quotations within a few minutes, so you will not be left waiting with a project that you want to complete.